Miso Soup

One packof Ying Ying’s extra firm tofu, slice each about 2cm thick
5 branches of scallions/spring onions/green onions, cut finger-size, white part and green part separate
1 tsp oyster sauce
3 cloves garlic, roughly chopped

1. Cut each slice of firm tofu again, about 2cm in width. You will get rectangles of firm tofu.
2.Fry the tofu in oil on both sides until golden brown. Remove and keep.
3.In the same oil, fry the chopped garlic until crispy.
4.Add the oyster sauce and fry for 30 seconds.
5.Add the fried tofu and mix.
6.Add the white part of the scallions. Fry until mid-soft.
7.Add the green part of the scallions. Fry for another 30 seconds.
8.Serve with a bowl of rice.