Gourmet Tofu

“Gourmet Tofu” is Ying Ying’s feature product line. Gourmet Tofu comes in six different flavours/styles including Sweet and Sour, Sweet and Spicy, Miso, Tomato, Black Bean, and Curry.

“What makes your tofu gourmet?” One of our astute customers once asked us.

The answer to this question is of two fold. First of all, Nigari tofu making is an artisan process. Our base Nigari tofu is all hand made in small batches by following the traditional technique. Nigari is the original coalgulant derived from sea water, Tofu has been made with Nigari since 200 BC. Chemically, Nigari is know as magnesium chloride. Magnesium is know as “heart’s minerals”, lack of which would be cause for irregular heart beat. Nigari gives tofu a refined texture and a naturally sweeter taste. Secondly, we hand cut and cook each product with only fresh ingredients. Our products do not contain any fillers, additives, preservatives, MSG, or any other artificial ingredients. It is just like the meals you would prepare at home.

Gourmet Tofu is absolutely delicious. It can be eaten straight out of the package as a quick and nutritious snack. It is great on top of your salad. You can heat it up and serve it as an entree. You can also use it in your pita or wrap. It makes great pizza topping, too. Need BBQing idea? You have to try it on skewer to believe how good it is!

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