Ying Ying Soy Food is a small family-owned and operated artisan tofu producer. We have been proudly serving Canadians with the cleanest and best tasting tofu products since 2001. Our tofu finds its roots in its 2000-year-old tradition and processing technique. Our tofu is made the same way as it was done for more than 2000 years from 200 BC to the 1950s. We stick to the traditional process, the traditional formula. We use the original coagulant, Nigari, and hand-make our tofu in small batches in the traditional way.

It is important to understand a simple FACT about tofu making. It requires only 2 ingredients to make tofu: the soybean and a coagulant. Nigari has been used as the coagulant in tofu making since the very beginning back in the 200 BC. Nigari is a mineral that is derived from sea salt, and it is chemically known as Magnesium Chloride. As we know, magnesium is an essential mineral for our heart, our bone and the health of our immune system, and is fundamental in children’s growth as well. What is extraordinary is that magnesium has been a part of tofu since 200 BC. Soybean is an important source of plant protein; and magnesium Is one of the most important minerals for our well being. Traditional tofu presents the perfect combination for our health needs, particularly in this modern time of ours. Is it any wonder why the traditional tofu is superior? Is it any wonder why a tradition becomes a tradition? However, contrary to the tradition, today’s main-stream tofu is mostly mass produced with Calcium Sulphate, which is also known as gypsum, as it is an extremely cheap alternative to magnesium.

‚ÄčOur tofu products are also all hand-cut and wok cooked to perfection without using any chemical additives, as we believe food needs to be pure and clean. Furthermore, we only use Certified Organic Soybeans grown in Ontario which are Non-GMO.

Tofu is associated with healthful and conscious living. Our products are emphasized around this idea and are helping Canadians build and maintain lifelong healthy eating. Who says good food does not taste good? Our Gourmet Tofu is as delicious and nutritious, as it is convenient. It is a perfect healthy handy food. You have to try it to believe it!

“It’s so yummy, I can’t believe it’s tofu!”